Pessac, France wedding photographer, Jeremy Boyer.
1900+ (EUR)

Jeremy Boyer

FR wedding photographer

My name is Jérémy, I'm 30 years old and it's been more than 4 years since I was a wedding photographer. Before that, like many other photographers, it all started with a couple of friends asking me to photograph their big day. Following this request, despite the excitement of having the opportunity to explore a field of photography that was still unknown to me, to be honest, I thought that photographing a wedding would be rather boring, and uninteresting artistically. But the desire to please these friends led me to accept their request without hesitation!

I had already noticed something during the big day but carried away by its speed and its events, the time passed to hundred with the hour. It was really the return of the festivities, when I looked for the first time my photos, everything changed. I realized that as I scrolled through the images, and that I relived the day in my mind, I had tears that flowed. Not being someone who easily shows his emotions, I had no explanation for this reaction. What I knew was that I wanted to relive this, again and again, these tornadoes of emotions triggered by the couple and their guests.