Nord wedding photography by Guillaume Leduc, a Hauts-de-France based member of the WPJA
990+ (EUR)

Guillaume Leduc

I live in Cambrai near Douai and am available to accompany you throughout the Hauts-de-France region ( Lille, Arras, Valenciennes, etc.), as well as wherever your projects may take us.

Photography entered my life many years ago, first, like many, to allow me to keep memories of my travels. Then, I wanted to know more about the technique, the composition and the light.

Photography opened the doors to a world where learning and creation are limitless.

I am someone who does not like to choose, because to choose is to give up.

This is how wedding and family photography came to me. It allows me to explore several areas of photography without locking myself into a specific area.

This discipline gives me the opportunity, for a wedding day or a photo session, to play with a multitude of fields, such as portrait photography, detail, context, reportage, night, etc.

But what I love the most is being a privileged witness of the love that can exist between two people who unite, of a family moment, or even during moments of immortalization of the pregnancy.