Rosario Borzacchiello, of Napoli Italy, has a passion for wedding photography,
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Rosario Borzacchiello

Borzacchiello Fotografia

Borzacchiello Rosario was born in Naples 30 August 1974. His experience began in 1988 as an apprentice when he was a kid. Having always had a passion for photography, his possesses principal techniques of photography and a creative style that emphasizes the telling of marriage stories through images. Rosario's goal is to capture the most natural side of marriage.

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

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The following letters are from the clients of Rosario Borzacchiello.

Married: 4 years ago

Giuseppe e Mina

We were looking for a photographer who distinguished himself from the crowd, which was unique, we wanted a different job, but above all my husband and I were obsessed with the absurd and ridiculous poses that are seen in many wedding albums. you hit immediately because your almost invisible presence has captured all the moments of that wonderful day, succeeding through those shots to capture and to capture in a vivid way the memory of those emotions so as to make them live again. It was a real surprise: dynamic, concise and not at all boring as you can see so many, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a beautiful and particular job, but especially to those who want to remember that day in its originality. for your excellent work done with so much passion.