Italy Wedding and Elopement Photographer, Nando Spiezia
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Nando Spiezia

Nando Spiezia Photography

Photography has always been a great passion of mine.
I only wanted it to become my job after a year of business administration, a faculty I had chosen to please my parents, but which gave me no personal satisfaction.
Interrupting my studies to follow my dream was not easy, but I listened to my heart and I put all of myself into the realization of what, today, is a job that gratifies me and allows me to continuously evolve, both as a professional and as a person.
After studying photography at the IED in Rome, I returned to my beloved Naples, to be able to gain experience and find my way.
So after 4 years of collaborations for various photographic studios, I decided to open my own studio, Nando Spiezia Photography.

In recent years I have photographed many couples, but what continues to excite me is the uniqueness of each story.
It fills me with pride to know that the story of such an important and delicate day is entrusted to my way of looking, to my personal vision of the world and specifically, to the love that binds two people. Capturing emotions through a reportage of spontaneous and sincere images has always been my main goal.

You need to be inspired to inspire, to approach the world with full confidence in its ability to move in order to grasp the infinite range of feelings hidden beyond gestures.
This job is a journey that we face at your side with discretion and professionalism. My tools are concentration, the eye and time. And in the center of the viewfinder you. All day long, for the most beautiful one.