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Marius Popa

Documentary Weddings

I am a father, a husband, a brother, an airsoft player and an amateur cyclist. I grew up in Cluj, but I now live with my family in Luduș, a small city in the county of Mureș.
I am a wedding photographer and an enthusiast of the documentary photography otherwise known as wedding photojournalism. This photographic type has several names, but the definition is not relevant. The main idea of the wedding photography is to tell the tale of the wedding in a manner most loyal to reality, in the shape of an interpretation which should reflect the emotions of the day, the mood of those taking part in the wedding and the atmosphere of the event. It is precisely for this reason that I do not like the use of auxiliary lights, the own commercials, my personal interventions in the wedding's moment, or for which I do not post banners or share flyers. My purpose is to pass as anonymously as I can through the wedding, but at the end of the day to have captured the most important moments telling the story of the wedding in the most beautiful, but real manner. This is the role of the wedding photographer.

I greatly enjoy black & white photography and consider it to be very adequate for wedding photography, not because they’re in fashion, but on the contrary... The wedding photography is not in fashion! It is not a trend! Wedding photography is classical, pure emotion and ageless. The role of the wedding photographs is to last, to pass the test of time, to be appreciated over years by the groom and bride, their families, children and grandchildren. There will surely come a day when they all will watch these photos and the wedding’s album.

This is also one of the reasons for which the photo session from the day of the wedding is a short one, comprising only the minimum necessary. I do not want that the photographs from the wedding album to reflect my vision (the photo session is always the vision of the photographer), but for them to tell the story of the wedding. I do not overwhelm the wedding with photo session and (pretentious) indications, I’m just using the light for the advantage of the bride and groom.

In the end, the wedding is not a photo session, but a party, a party with people, people in light.
In the end, it all comes down to this, a story about people in light, told through images.

Happy party!