Vimala Rubens photographs weddings in Germany, Bavaria and Munich
1800+ (EUR)

Vimala Rubens

Hi, I'm Vimala.

In love with weddings, real emotions and authentic people. Hobby chef and crazy about sweets and cakes. However, I will also never say no to cheese, potatoes and "proper German sourdough bread".

I live in Munich with my husband and our dog and I couldn't be happier to call this city my home. Still, I love to explore the world. I have studied in England, worked in Spain and in Australia. My travels have brought me to so many places in the world and yet feel I've only seen so little of our beautiful planet.

Being close to the sea is something that I have to do at least once a year because it gives me strength and energy.

We have our own little bar at home and stock it with different Gin varieties from all over the world.

I am a University trained translator and love languages, especially German. Have you ever read German romantic poems by Eichendorff? Most beautiful thing in the world.

If we had the space in our appartment, I would own a room just for books. My own little library. Unfortunately, real estate prices are so high in Munich, that this will probably always be a dream. But at least one entire wall in our living room is covered by books.