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Wedding Photographers of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Minas Gerais Wedding Photographer, Wander Menezes

Valéria Gonçalves and Wander Faria form a couple. And together they are dedicated to investigating the beauties of marriage - both themselves and others. In 2008, they founded VALWANDER, a company specializing in wedding records and exciting photography...

Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
Vinicius Terror is a wedding photographer from Brasil in Minas Gerais.

Photography is magic! It has the gift of carrying us back into the past and also of making us look to the future. Photography is to be felt. The value of a photo album for a family is invaluable but maybe we'll just notice that when we look at our...

Starting Price:
2500 (USD)
Gersiane Marques is a Brasil wedding photographer

I am of Baldim, I am 37 years old and to photograph for me is life. I believe there are reasons to rejoice every day. Seize every moment, prepare for the new, experience all the feelings, celebrate life and build the unlikely. Photographing weddings, for...

Starting Price:
2500 (BRL)
Alexandre Casttro is a wedding photographer for Minas Gerais.

I'm in love with photography since I was young. My passion was to register as parties and family gatherings. The magic happened behind the camera: how people smiled at me, posed and were surprised. Registering a spontaneity and can relive these...

Starting Price:
4000 (BRL)
Vinicius Matos is a brazil wedding photojournalist and photography teacher

I'm a miner from Belo Horizonte, I'm 40 years old, I'm Julia's father and I graduated in Business Administration and specialized in Marketing and People Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (RJ). I started in wedding photography in...

Starting Price:
4500 (USD)
Brazil wedding photography by Ricardo Cintra

He has been passionate about photography since he was a child, and in 2002 he started working in a photography shop, where he had contact with several photographers and began to become a freelancer. That's where it all began. He worked two years in...

Starting Price:
9000 (BRL)
Bruno Montt - Documentary Wedding Photographer for Rio de Janeiro

Stories enchant me. In addition to being a wedding and family photographer, I have a degree in Visual Arts and have taught for 10 years about the image. In recent years I have been able to document unique stories both inside and outside the country. This...

Starting Price:
5000 (BRL)
Gustavo Lucena photographs weddings in Brasília, Distrito Federal

We photograph as spectators who witness a story. Without interference, without poses, without semblance, without transforming the event into a theater, in order that our clients have a real and alive experience of the moment. Created by Gustavo Lucena...

Starting Price:
2500 (USD)
Julia Rezende brazil wedding photos

The company was born from an experience of almost a decade in the market. With a passionate and modern concept of artistic photography, it was founded by the professional Júlia Rezende, who overflows to the general public a vast qualification, enhanced...

Starting Price:
1800 (BRL)
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