Wedding and Elopement Photographer Rosina DiBello
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Rosina DiBello

Rosina DiBello's Photography Studio | South FL Weddings


Photographer's Simple Style Captures Love Stories with Precision

My exposure to wedding photography started with my clients that I built a relationship with. I would shoot their family portraits year after year and it naturally led to weddings. I'm lucky to have mentored under so many talented photographers that really helped me learn a specific lighting method or how to approach & meet the needs of my clients.  Over the years as my business has grown I have built my own team and we thrive to tell each story with heart and passion. Originally based out of New York, I am happy to have established a studio here in South Florida where I get to work with local clients and destination weddings.  I’m a natural overachiever – so as I learned and perfected different aspects of wedding photography such as posing, lighting, composition – I just kept going and pushing myself to learn new approaches, angles, lighting, etc. This has ultimately shaped my versatility in my abilities. My reflection of each couple comes out of each finished edit as a combination of their vibe and my artistic approach to it.   My dad was a photographer & a huge influencer for me. I loved flipping through his film black and white images and as a young girl I would look spend time studying them… when I was around 13 he purchased me my first camera. This just started a hobby that I was obsessed with. I couldn't wait to keep creating. It is extremely fulfilling to have a career that is an absolute passion. I’ve been shooting weddings for 20 years.  Working with families naturally led to shooting larger, more complicated events and weddings. Shooting on average 65 weddings a year keeps me very busy. I also shoot engagement sessions for each of those clients. I’ve always loved visiting museums and have been influenced mostly by the American artists Normal Rockwell.  I love his style of capturing reality and his sense of humor.  I am truly proud to enhance my client's wedding experience with a combination of my talent, customer service, and organizational skills. I've had the privilege of shooting a wide range of events from luxury weddings to intimate beachside affairs. I find myself in a continual state of excelling in my craft! My objective is to create visually stimulating images that truly capture the emotion and the true essence of my clients.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

31 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists