France wedding photography by Lucille Gaumard for Grand Est, Moselle and Metz
Photo by: 
Myriam Ravoni
1250+ (EUR)

Lucille Gaumard

Lucille Images

Hello, it's me, Lucille!
I am 32 but feel like I was 10 yesterday!
I grew up in the Paris area, travelled abroad for studies and work before settling in the eastern part of France near Luxembourg.
I love my little city of Metz where I can do everything on foot, enjoy a drink at a terrace with friends, exhibitions, and concerts.
I started photography during family gatherings and fell in love with documentary photography.
A never dreamed of a fairy tale wedding for myself, so I never thought of a career as a wedding photographer!
But one day I photographed a friends' wedding and discovered it was such a rich playground for a photographer. There are so many moments and emotions concentrated in one day.
I love sharing this special day with you, capturing all these little moments and offer you timeless memories.

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits