Mayenne wedding photography by Anne-Sophie Queuin - of Pays de la Loire France
1850+ (EUR)

Anne-Sophie Queuin

Nos Vies en Images

Anne-Sophie aka Our Lives in Pictures since 2011, landed in the world of photography a bit by chance! I am 33 years old, 1 husband, 2 children, 1 cat, and 3 chickens and I am settled in Mayenne (What? You do not know where it is ???? ;-)).

Since 2011, I photograph about twenty weddings a year and what I love above all in my work is:

- to help and advise you for this day (because "Yes" to have more than a hundred weddings to his credit, it helps!);
- to see the Bride and Groom let themselves go to their emotions and immortalize them;
- go get the little crazy details that you will not see but you will discover seeing your images for the first time;
- photographing crazy things: "throwing" married couples, a flaming dancefloor & excited guests;
- dancing in the middle of you with my two cameras and my flashes (yes yes, I do that!); -
create strong and incredible images;
- the ongoing challenges of reporting;
- see, observe and feel the light to shape it in my image;
- wait for the moment;
- so many other things ...

My work has always been inspired by many things that punctuate my life: a sunset light from a window, a moment banal with the family, a landscape at the turn of a walk. .. It is also inspired by:

- ​​music: I listen to everything and all the time, just take a look at my account Deezer to see it;
- the travels: the light, the landscapes and the colors of each country that I crossed are an infinite source of creation for me;
- the photographers themselves: Willy Ronis, Claude Dityvon, Guy Bourdin, Robert Franck ...
- art: I devote a cult to Frida Kahlo and her incredible ability to self-portraits, I love the crazy lines of Kandinsky and the infinite and incredible creation of Robert Tatin.
- Sport: former top-level sportsman, I'm always addicted to the sport, it's also what has developed my taste for challenge.

Working with me is also accepting my rock'n roll and determined side!
I love to laugh and humor is part of my everyday life. To work with me is also that, not to take oneself seriously, to feel light and to accept oneself. See you soon maybe! Anne Sophie