Luis Mateus

Luis Mateus
Lounge Fotografia Ida
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My name is Luis Mateus and I'm from Portugal, living in a beautiful city, Porto.

I've been a wedding photographer for almost 15 years. I studied photography at Instituto Português de Fotografia ( IPF ) -Oporto, 2000.

Along wedding photography I had worked as an assistant of a fashion photographer for almost 8 years.

I love fashion photography, but documental photography is really my style.

My company is called Lounge Fotografia. We are a husband and wife photographers. We are a couple in love, ambitious and creative. We always shoot together and for us every wedding is a unique day, our goal is to document all the couple story with a relaxed point of view and without poses.

We shoot around 30 weddings per year, we are available to travel all over the country and all over the Europe.

Street photography and portraits are another love for me. I also like to shoot with film with my contax or making some polaroids with my Land camera.

I enjoy being with my friends at dinner or watch some good movies or tv series.

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