Michal Bachulski

Kraków photographer Michal Bachulski is shooting Poland weddings.
Michal Bachulski
700+ (EUR)

Photography has been my passion for several years. Shooting the most unique moments of our life gives me satisfaction. Every second picture which I've taken is different and one-off. It is exactly the way to describe the wedding reportage.Cracow's wedding photography - The moments perpetuate on our mind.

My adventure with photography began during my cousin`s wedding. Someone from my family suggested that I do the wedding photography. Consequently, I took the challenge.

Currently, I use Nikon equipment. Nevertheless, the whole enchilada is complemented with the bright lens; from the wide-angle lens to the telephoto lens. I am open to amazing and unique proposals.

I have been authorized to taking photos and filming the liturgical celebrations issued by the Commission for Liturgy and Liturgical Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Cracow, which are required by the Church.

All the time I improve my qualifications through participation in courses and workshops for wedding photographers. I've cultivated my skills under the watchful eye of one of the best wedding photographers in Poland. I have a Certificate of Completion of Training at the "School of Image".