Madrid Wedding Photographer Daniel Atienza Almarcha, of Spain
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Daniel Atienza Almarcha

Dani Atienza

Hi, I am a wedding and documentary photographer based in Madrid but I work around the world.

I am always doing something: I studied saxophone and piano, I have played with several musical groups, I have done theater, volunteering, etc. I have done bungee jumping, free fall, canopy, diving, etc. But above all, I love to travel. I always enjoy the wonderful feeling of traveling the world: to know any place, be it Spain, Europe, Asia or anywhere. Until today I have visited 30 countries and I hope to continue increasing that number, meeting interesting people and living incredible experiences.

I am extroverted, sociable, close, happy and committed to everything I do. I love spending time with Cris, with my family, and with my friends. I have a passion for my grandmother Teresa; whenever I can spend time with her and try to come to see me in Madrid and visit interesting places, seeing how she enjoys discovering new places that she never thought she would see. I still play the saxophone whenever I have a chance, but I play less than I would like.
I love to tell stories with my camera and freeze unique and unrepeatable moments, especially at weddings and family reports. I am thrilled to think that couples and families place their trust in me to create a legacy of images that will be transmitted from generation to generation; that will accompany you for your whole life and that, in good times and bad, you can sit in front of him and remember the important moments of his life, those that really are worthwhile.

I would love to know your idea of ​​reporting and be able to participate in it. Tell me!

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

5 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits