Mitia Dedoni is a wedding photographer for all of Italia, including Toscana and Lucca.
Photo by: 
Deni Gemignani
1300+ (EUR)

Mitia Dedoni

Mitia Photography

I've always loved street and documentary photography by Magnum Agency Photographers because each of them had the great ability to capture incredible life time moments with so strong and perfect balanced images.
It's a continuous research and study to obtain powerful and full of meaning photos and the main thing to remember it's to be honest with yourself when in a dark or white room you choose your photos to create your story.

My love for photography began 20 years ago, I was younger, and my first camera had been a professional film camera of my father. I began shooting for personal portfolio and some years ago, 2013, I started my professional career of photographer and 3 years ago with wedding events.

Generally I shoot 20 wedding events per year, not too many it's true but I prefer to prepare all of theme and develop each one with particular attention so it's necessary to spend a little bit of my working time but so I m sure to create something different.

Wedding photography nowadays it's the main part of my work as a photographer but sometimes I turn back to my first great love...street and conceptual photography.

I produce and sell fine art print photos and I've been invited to participate in collective and personal exhibition in Italy and outside Italy.

Sometimes I move out from my studio to create some new photos for my personal research...some of them sounds good.