Sławek Nadra is a wedding photographer from Lubelskie, Poland.
2000+ (PLN)

Sławek Nadra


I was 10 years old. A double-lens reflex camera belonging to my father was in my hands. This is how the adventure began, which continues unchanged to this day.
At first, it was just a nice, new, fascinating toy ...

In Poland, the chimney was "blooming" and I started to grow up.

In high school, I took photography more methodically. Photo circles, hours spent in the darkroom, open air. Attempts, mistakes, failures, and euphoria ... I gained knowledge and practice, allowing me to take the picture myself, from choosing the right film to sticking the album into a correct and long-lasting print. I got to know the smell (and taste) of photographic chemistry, I was often burned by a dryer.
Yes, I grew up on traditional, "chemical" photography. Today, however, I take full advantage of the advantages of digital photography. Do they differ so much - I do not think so.
It's still, unchangeable, looking at the world through the glass of the lens, with the finger on the trigger, ready to "shoot".

I have the nature of a loner. Such a man, what he likes to surround himself with his own thoughts, and observe. Observe, analyze, conclude ... I love to sit on a bench, among crowds of walkers, and ... look. Looking at people: lonely people, couples, groups ... Various thoughts are in my mind; I penetrate the minds of these people, I try to get to know and feel their emotions, moods, relationships, feelings. Sometimes it makes you smile, and sometimes it really moves. It is stronger than me and I can not escape it.
I am then completely invisible, hidden behind the virtual screen of my imperceptible presence.
And I find exactly the same in portraying people: the whole truth!
I have such an ... unreal dream that taking the camera, I become an invisible photographer. Take pictures the same way the images of human emotions are created in my head - completely anonymously.

3 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

3 'At Work' Photos

The following photos are of Sławek Nadra at work.