Lihee Avidan

Lihee Avidan is a London based international destination wedding photographer
Lihee Avidan
Shooting On The Wild Side
1000+ (GBP)

The way I approach shooting weddings and special events stems from my parallel career in documentary photography: I got my MA in Photojournalism at London College of Communication, and I work with clients including The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Financial Times Magazine, Die Zeit, BBC, Channel 4 TV. My photojournalism has also won international prizes and has been exhibited around the world.

Alongside this, I've also been shooting weddings for more than 10 years.

I'm most passionate about catching those funny, unexpected and emotional moments, working in a documentary style, with the people in front of camera unaware of my presence.

Those are the moments you remember, and where peoples true characters shine through.

I’m currently based in London but I shoot weddings in the UK or any other destination that you might want to challenge me with :)

Anyway - It's your day - so be yourself and have a party. Let your hair down and go wild - and I'll just capture those moments for you...

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The following letters are from the clients of Lihee Avidan.

Married: 2 years ago

Ben and Sarah

Dear Lihee, We remain absolutely certain that we made the best possible decision in choosing you to be the official photographer for our wedding day. First – it was a pleasure to work with you, repeatedly delivering unparalleled service both throughout the planning, on the day, and with your follow up image processing and photographic delivery. Your confident and yet relaxed nature shined throughout our day and can be clearly seen in the images that resulted from your tireless exertions. From the outset of our collaboration it was clear that you’re passionate about your photography. However, we felt no pressure in regards to what you wanted to do, your emphasis was all about how we wanted you to take the photos. You listened to our requests, shared your experiences of past employment and guided us throughout our uncertainties. Your calm, focused and professional nature allowed you to be present amidst the most intimate moments of our day without diminishing that intimacy. You seemed to capture the very best of even the most introvert members of the wedding party, repeatedly positioning yourself unobtrusively alongside the heart of all that we wished to be recorded. The result of this seemingly effortless brilliance is plain for all to see in the abundant breath and variety of your beautifully candid record of our most treasured day. You surpassed our expectations once again dedicating many hours trawling through the thousands of images that you have taken, selecting, processing, and promptly delivering an extensive visual summary at a very reasonable price. Lihee - you’re a superbly accomplished photographer and you left us with a wonderful selection of images that shall be treasured through many future generations of the Collard family tree. We’ll proudly recommend your services to all those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to employ you as their wedding photographer. Mr and Mrs Collard.