Kabilan Raviraj

Kabilan  Raviraj

If you told me several years ago that my career path was to be a professional wedding photographer, I would of probably laughed and wouldn’t of thought of the very idea.

Picking up the camera and documenting my surroundings became second nature as I dived into the world of cooperation. I wouldn’t have even thought of visiting these places in the first place so naturally I fell into street photography and documenting people around me; to tell a story within a frame.

I soon discovered that I could implement what I learnt on the streets into wedding photography because I now want to tell other people’s stories through my photos.

To create honest storytelling images.

To capture the true emotions that is shown at those precious fragments of time, which can never be replicated. The little nuances which build character and persona within the moment. Capturing these stories is the main core ethos of my photography style and one of the reasons why I got into photography in the first place. I love telling stories through my photographs, more importantly your story. The natural and authentic emotions that are displayed by the couple, showcasing their depth of character at the most eagerly anticipated day of their lives.

Kabilan Raviraj
1500+ (GBP)