Amanda Gril Wedding and Event Photography
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Amanda Gril

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Photography isn’t my passion.

People are.

How they interact, how they feel and how they show Love. My camera is just my tool to capture their essence.

I love portrait photography, but also food, lifestyle, and landscape photography.

I'm most inspired by:

· Beauty - I see it everywhere.
· Impermanence - nothing exists for indefinitely long, that’s why I try to catch this kiss, that look, those smiles on photos, ‘forever’.
· Truth.
· Charm of imperfection - Yes, please!

Self-driven every day, because Life is such a gift!

I am living between Ibiza and Slovenia but grew up in a lovely Slovenia.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Amanda Gril.

Married: 6 years ago

Pam & Jorrit

We were so happy with you as our wedding photographer last week at our wedding in Ibiza. BEAUTIFUL pictures made with a special eye and attention for people and environment. We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and people we know for their wedding photos!! One more time: THANK YOU VERY DUTCH!