Portugal and Lisbon based wedding photographer, Joel Ferreira
1000+ (EUR)

Joel Ferreira

Photography has been a passion since I got my first analog camera has a kid. I liked to look through the little square glass and know that I was capturing the world around me. In recent years I decided that I wanted to spend more and more time looking through that little square, so I became a professional photographer. To this day the fact that smiles, tears, emotions, that life and time, can be captured and stored, still amazes me.

Weddings is where it all comes together, the blend of emotions and life happening very fast in the span of a single day, combined with the fact that moments, has life, don't repeat themselves, and that a couple in love choose me, to use my eyes and my camera, to tell they're love story, it's an inspiration.

I hope to have the privilege of telling your love story soon.