Maik Dobiey is a wedding photographer in Lima, Peru
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Maik Dobiey

International Wedding Photographer

I am Maik, an International Wedding Photographer currently based in Lima, Peru. But I am always happy for an excuse to leave Lima to photograph people and capture their stories around the globe. My work has brought me to more then 10 different countries, to beaches in the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the North Sea, to the Amazon Rainforest, to the altitudes of the Alps and the Andes and other amazing locations and I am always looking forward to discover new places inside and outside of Peru.

Over the recent years my photography has won a number of prestigious international awards and my work has been featured in blogs and magazines in various countries. But more importantly my photos made my clients happy. It can be exhausting and a sacrifice at times but it is also so rewarding!

I excited to shoot every wedding and I want to provide you with stunning images that go beyond just pretty wedding photos. I want to tell a story – an authentic story of your wedding day as it unfolds, a love story, a story of who you are, a story of friendship and family, a story beyond what everybody sees – your story. Through your wedding photos you can share this story with others or ignite your own memory when details start to fade. While sometimes the most simple images can be the strongest I always aim for some WOW-images as well – works of art that make you stop and stare.

11 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

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