Andrea Di Giampasquale

Andrea  Di Giampasquale
Andrea Di Giampasquale
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I want to portray events in a subjective way, trying to absorb, represent and communicate the emotions through my shots. Tact and spontaneity are my main characteristcs. I love interacting with people befriending them; this help the comfort of the couple while I go along with them in the most important day of their lives.
For me it is an integral part of my existence observe what happens around me, from everyday situations to interpersonal relationships, the raking light of a sunset to the beauties in general that nature gives. The want to look at the world around me, allows me to immerse myself in situations and to create them in my mind as if they were individual photographs. This helps me a lot in my work. That is share for a few moments people’s lives and observe, understand through gestures, looks, behavior that the situation is unique and unrepeatable.

I began photographing weddings casually and found myself in a narrative whirlwind of emotions that I can not get out.

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