Krakow wedding photography by Kamil Krajewski, of Malopolskie, Poland
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Katarzyna Ładny
1000+ (EUR)

Kamil Krajewski

Love Side

I am a professional photographer with 15 years of work experience. I entered the wedding industry some 8 years ago. I shoot around 20 wedding per year. Since I enjoy photography a lot I also do some other subjects apart from wedding and event photography. To name some: business portrait, architecture and some commercial work as well. This experience gives me a wide skill set that I also use during my wedding shoots and reportage.
I also exhibit sometimes like for example at the end of 2017 I had a personal exhibition in Paris with my "Layers" series.
Apart from photography, I have a huge interest in my family, music, and cars :) With my wife, we have a little girl and a boy who are adorable. Being a husband and a father I have to be well organized that I am and I am really happy with it :)

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