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Shayne Bampton

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I wandered in to photography while travelling with a few different bands playing drums after I graduated from college. With so much time during the day I found myself wandering the streets of whatever city i was in looking for something to do. I picked up a camera on a whim and realized how awesome it was to be able to remember times and places long after they’d passed.

When my dreams of rockstardom fizzled I came home for good and began working for a couple of other (award winning) photographers as their assistant and 2nd shooter. Working with, and learning from, some amazing wedding photojournalists was great experience before venturing out on my own.

2 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Shayne Bampton.

Married: 8 years ago

Jenny & Owen

Thank you soooooooo much!!! For the record, I hate having my photo taken, but you made me (and all of our wedding guests) feel very comfortable. As we share photos with friends and family, the positive feedback from how FANTASTIC the images are is overwhelming. Everyone agreed that we hired a personable, professional photographer - our only regret was that you couldn't stay and party with us! Your passion for your work is obvious in the quality. I will, and have, recommend you to anyone in need of a photographer.

Married: 8 years ago

Heather and Korey

When we started planning our wedding, photography was near the bottom of our list. After 14 years together we had our fair share of photos, and the typical wedding photos were not our style. We did not plan on putting up any wedding photos in our home as we were content with the silly faced beach photos after one to many margaritas. We did however appreciate and value the idea of capturing our wedding to be able to reflect back and remember the day, so we were struggling satisfying both of these perspectives. You had a great vibe, professional but laid back. Looking at your portfolio we could tell you had an eye for great photos. Our fears of boring, cold, lifeless photos went away. We are proud to say we have a wedding photo hanging in our home ; a breathtakingly cool photo recently featured in Thrasher Magazine. The photos you took not only reflect the day, but our love for each other and our personality. We cannot wait to work with you again!!!