Nino Lombardo, has a career in wedding photography...reportage and landscape
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Nino Lombardo


Enjoy your wedding day, Nino will photograph your most beautiful moments, the most exciting moments, the location and the colors that surround you, you and your friends and family will be the protagonists of an unforgettable photo story by Nino. No matter if your wedding is small, religious or silly, in Sicily or Australia, Nino photographs your emotions!

Destination Wedding Photographer • From Sicily around the word

Nino Lombardo, photographer Trapani class of '71, began his photographic career in the years of 1980 services and specializing in wedding photography...reportage and landscape photographer for over 10 years, the NPS (Nikon Professional Services) since 2004, is the author of several photographic books and appreciate fine artworks sold around the world. In 2001 he published his first book in Trapani dedicated to marriage: 'Emotions of Lights and Shadows, Reportage Wedding in a City'. Finally, an interesting personal research project is unique in its kind, built in 2002
in Spain during Semana Santa in Seville to understand and to compare the traditions associated with Easter processions in Sicily and Spain. Four of his shots in Argentina on this occasion are exhibited in the permanent exhibition in San Francisco's Museo Italo Americano. Among the most significant outstanding exhibits his solo show at the Gallery, The Salerniana Contemporary Art in 2003 in Erice.

In addition to the shots with them for years, photographer Nino Lombardo, documenting the traditions of his homeland, one of the most significant reports of its portfolio to include some projects abroad: the work carried out in Madagascar in 2003's Association Trapani non-profit organization for the Third World, a documentary in India in 2004 to produce a marriage with Hindu ritual, in 2005 in Trapani's America's Cup,

Special LouisVuitton Cup (Act 8 & 9) and in Argentina in 2005's James Candela Music association. From 2006 to presentare several couples from all over d'Nino Lombardo who chose Italy as a photographer for their wedding.

In March of 2011 Nino undertook a study of Eastern traditions and customs through a report in Japan between Gheshe, Maiko, and tea houses.

In 2011 he joined WPJA and later invited and chosen to become a member of other world-class associations of the best wedding photographers with award-winning prizes confirming him as a true artist and professional wedding photographer, almost unique in his Sicily.

In 2012, Nino organizes an event at a Trapani Fish Market Ex. Everything dedicated to marriage, a supplier for every type, spotlighted detail, an open-air show open 24 hours a day. 'Al you needs is love'. A real success, never anyone in this area had organized a wedding event, or anything else that was open for 3 continuous days!

In 2017 a 2nd place won in WPJA concludes once again the unique and creative Sicilian photographer!

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Married: 1 year ago

Ilenia & Mattia

Bonjour Nino, Nous voulons t'écrire quelque mot pour te remercier.. On sait que n'est pas facile de choisir le photographe pour le jour le plus important de ta vie et nous sommes trop contents d'avoir fait le choix meilleur en choisissant toi! Nous ne pouvions pas imaginer de ne nous pas rendre compte de ta présence et de celle de ton team et nos invités ont pensé la même chose. Discrets, silencieux et professionnels. Nous savions que nous aurions eu un beau souvenir de notre mariage mais en fin tes photos ont plus que dépassé nos expectatives. Nous avons des photos que nous ne savons même pas où t'étais pendant que tu nous les as faites et chacun de celles-ci nous rappelle et il nous fait revivre un moment inoubliable. Tu as capturé la réalité des nos moments et nous nous rappellerons pour toujours de notre mariage pour ce qu'il était: Famille, Bonheur et Amour.. ..tout ça seulement grâce à toi, à ton team et à ton travail exceptionnel! Merci beaucoup Nino.. Ilenia & Mattia

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