Danilo Coluccio is working mostly in Siderno as a photographer for marriage wedding ceremonies
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Oreste Coluccio
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Danilo Coluccio


I was born in 1976 in Siderno, a charming town that overlooks a magnificent stretch of the Ionian coast of Calabria. I started photographing from early childhood by helping my father Mario, photographer, whose images since 1954 have told the story and the feelings of an entire generation.

In 1994 I achieved artistic maturity. I have been a professional photographer since 2001.

While living and working mainly in Siderno as a photographer for ceremonies, I carried out a number of services in the most beautiful places in Italy including Rome, Perugia, Benevento, some areas of Sicily and beyond, to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

As a fan of the art in its wider sense, since a young age I have given rise to an intense research activity and not only convinced that any form of art, such as painting, could provide an important cue to my growth.

I joined this personal studio and attended courses and workshops that allowed me to meet people in the industry as strong photographers ' La Scala Theatre of Milan Roberto Masotti and Silvia Lelli, during the workshop "photographing the show" held between 2000 and 2001, helped me understand the importance of "moment" in photography.

I recently attended several workshops, including one of Joe Buissink in Milan. My passion for photography is based on the desire to incorporate into an image that symbolizes the life, love, happiness and the perfect moment for the couple.

32 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Danilo Coluccio.

Elina e Ivano

Married: 5 years ago

Elina e Ivano

Come in tutte le arti anche nella fotografia ci vuole talento! Tu, Danilo hai dimostrato, come pensavo , di averne tanto !! Mia moglie con le poche parole in italiano che conosce appena viste le foto ha detto : “Fantastico!” Grazie dell’ ottimo lavoro e della grande professionalità!! Ivano

Giuliano & Beatrice

Married: 6 years ago

Giuliano & Beatrice

Le foto del matrimonio sono davvero emozionanti! ho rivisto nelle fotografie i momenti più significativi di quella giornata, ma questa volta sono riuscita a guardarle dal punto di vista di chi mi osservava: la mia mamma, le mie damigelle, le persone che hanno partecipato all’evento… in più, il tuo obiettivo ha saputo cogliere con naturalezza le emozioni mie e di Giuliano, senza pose forzate o costruite artificiosamente…proprio come ci avevi promesso, vista l’estrema diffidenza di entrambi a farci fotografare…il tuo lavoro mi ha lasciato senza parole, tranne una: grazie mille!!!

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