Manuel is a wedding photographer based in the Lake district Area, Italy
2500+ (EUR)

Manuel Cacciatori

Duepunti Wedding Photography

My name is Manuel and I'm a photographer based in Lake district Area. I like photography in his real artistic essence and language, I find my inspiration in great photographic authors language, such as Ghirri, Iodice, Basilico and many others.
My educational background was in the field, after my degree at Bauer Photography School of Milan. I really love to work with my wife, professional photographer too, we have shared most of our professional experience building an artistic background characterized by an artistic and interpretative reportage with particular attention on spaces, details and people.
Through constant personal and professional research I have understood the importance of photography in its most intimate aspect, and I decided to undertake this adventure making no compromises. I offer wedding photography with a professional, narrative and artistic approach, and top quality artistic prints are my strong point, made directly by me and aimed at creating unique certified artistic works.