Alina Drobner

Alina Drobner is a Russian wedding photographer with a background in art.
Alina Drobner
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When I was on the second course of my Institute, we had some lessons about “Foundations of photography”. That time I didn't have a professional camera. Once someone looked at my photos and said: “If you have a professional camera, your photos will be like masterpieces.” And I bought my first professional camera. It was the beginning of my photo career.

Alina is an art director by profession. In 2009 she was graduated from the International Institute of Advertising and began to work as a photo journalistic creative wedding photographer. In 2010 her works were published in the magazine “RussianFoto” and she took a part in four big exhibitions of Russian wedding photography. In 2010 she became the best young photographer of the Year 2009 in Russian Photography Awards in the category “Art photography”. In 2011 Alina exposed her photos on the exhibition of the best Moscow photographers “Wedding Photo Expo 2011”. Now she lives in Germany and works around the world.

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