Audrey Bardou is a South of France Wedding Photographer
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Audrey Bardou

Audrey Bardou was born in 1975. She lives and works in the south of France. Audrey’s passion for photography started in her adolescence when her parents gave her a compact camera. At the time, her cats were her first subject. She went on to study the Professional Baccalaureate of Photography at ESMA (école supérieure des métiers artistiques in Montpellier, upper school of arts business in Montpellier). She works as a freelancer in the commercial industry in Languedoc Roussillon and elsewhere. In 2012, she begins to photograph the weddings on demand and will be published famous wedding blogs in France :

"Just be yourself, as you are, with the natural who makes your weeding so special, I will take care of the rest ! 
Live, Laugh, love, I am here for you ! »