Roy Van Kleef has worked as a freelance photojournalist and now reports weddings in NL.
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Roy Van Kleef


When I finished the school of photography (Fotovakschool) in 2002 I worked part-time as a freelance photojournalist. Also that moment I worked at the sales department of a international photo agency which helped me a lot in in developing the way I look at photography.

At that time I started to shoot weddings. First I started with only a view weddings a year, but I found out that it takes more then just couple of weddings a year to become a good wedding photographer. The more experienced you get as a photographer, the more you develop your skills.

I got nominated a couple of times and received a view honourable mentions in the Brides Photo Award (BFA) in the Netherlands and also in the Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography and received the title of Bronze Master at the Master Photographers Network. To receive the Bronze Master a selection of my work was judged by an International jury. Working toward that selection really helped me to find and develop my own style. It made me realize that the journalistic approach of wedding photography and telling stories in a photo is what I do best and gives me the most satisfaction.

I shoot about 40 weddings a year and really love each one of them. In a lot of photo's I like include parts of the venue and smaller moments happening that would normally not be noticed that quickly by the couple. These smaller moments tell a lot about the day.

Getting married myself also made me more aware of the importance of having good photos of your wedding day that tell the complete story. In 2010 my first daughter was born and in 2014 my second. I know that one day I will be the father giving away my daughter and I have to admid that I'm not looking forward to that day yet ;-) But I do realize how special this day is for everyone. That is why every wedding is shot by me as the most important one I will ever shoot.

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