Pomorskie and Gdańsk wedding photographer Raphael Newman
100/hr (EUR)

Raphael Newman


I was born in 20 10 1980. In Gdynia. Since childhood, I grew up surrounded by photography. My dad was a photographer and taught me of the little secrets of photography. I will never forget how in the darkroom -sitting on my father's knees - watched as the images appear in the paper ... For me, a little boy was a truly magical experience. My first camera was SMENA 8 at the age of 5 years.
In 1997 I got professional qualifications and soon started my first commercial orders. Currently, mainly dealing with wedding photography. - Why?
As a man, I am (as they say my wife and friends) very sociable. I love meeting new people.
I love to go into the personality of the young couple. I am fascinated by emerging feelings between them - not only joy, kindness, love, but also nostalgia, uncertainty, anxiety ... All this shall be submitted at the pictures full of emotion!
Your big day will not happen again. All your smiles, kisses and tears deserve good pictures.
So let me take a picture of You...

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

9 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

2 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

1 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Raphael Newman as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.