BW studio portrait image of wedding reportage phototgrapher Adeline Justamon with her camera
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Adeline Justamon

Justamon Adeline Photographe

At the age of 15 I would acquire my first camera, it was then the beginning of long hours spent trying, finding, searching and understanding how photography works.

But in addition to its technical aspect, it was above all a question of taking the time to observe the world around me. Self-taught photographer, I started photography near my loved ones. Indeed during family meals, I enjoyed so much capturing these looks, these smiles, all these moments of life so important to me.

Time passed and I continued to perfect myself by making portraits, I like what an image can say about us, especially when taken on the fly.

But a photograph is also a sublime composition between the moment which takes place, the people present and the light.

Let's talk about light, how many times have I found myself hitting the road and watching sunrises, golden evening light or even more diffused light during a morning fog, all this is a great source inspiration, that's why I always look for the best light to enhance your shots.

True lover of life, of people and of great sensitivity, I like to share these moments with you. The emotions present at your weddings, the music, the places transports me and always gives me more inspiration to photograph these beautiful days.