Italy, Tuscany and Florence are home to photographer of weddings Enrico Belli
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Enrico Belli


I’m Enrico Belli and I am an Italian professional wedding photographer, but it has not always been the case. I remember that as all children I used to rummage among the things of adults , especially among those of my father and I remember I often did two things secretly: to pull off his first guitar from a canvas bag, a very unique thing, It was a classical guitar , turned into a real electric one. It didn’t sound good, It was a guitar made ​​by a carpenter and an electrician , but it’s an artwork. The other thing I usually did was to take his camera bag from the closet , take off everything that was inside like the camera , the lenses and the accessories , to touch them and then to put all them back, because I didn’t know what to do with those objets. I was only strongly attracted to them . When my father realized what I used to do , he taught me the riff of “Satisfaction” and the rudiments of photography. Since then, music and photography have always accompanied me. However I did not begin my job with photography, I studied Cinema, at one point I thought it was my vocation, but by time, I felt the need to bring everything back to the essence, I had to synthesize in order to concentrate emotions, so that’s why I came back to photography: to blow up the action and feelings in a frame .. I’m still looking for that picture!
Anyway Cinema taught me the importance to be a storyteller. So becoming a wedding photographer gave meaning to everything I did during my path. Even if when I was 8 years I didn’t say “I want to be a photographer,” I heard my passions and desires, and I followed them, thanks to my family too.
Photography has many functions in the present world and in the life of each of us. It can be a drawer full of memories where to find people and loved places, grandparents who are gone or school friends who grew up, your first girlfriend or boyfriend! A drawer full of pictures opens the door to strong feelings and a range of countless emotions .. It’s not something to do every day, you have to be prepared! Photography can talk about love and violence,it can be cruel and extremely sweet, sometimes it’s ilarious, sometimes it’s a bitter smile, just like each of us. Photography is also the one that sells your breakfast cookies or your summer trip. In each of these cases who really makes the difference? There is no cameras (It doesn’t matter how expensive or technologically advanced it is) that can capture the feelings and the emotions, only the man or woman who looks into the viewfinder is able to do that. That's what I think, that's what I try to do everyday with my job and I love that, I love to do something you can never stop learning.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography