Emiliano Cribari

The more time goes by, the more easier it gets for me to recount and tell the tale of who I am. In the beginning of my professional history, I felt the need to make lists and tell every single thing about me: every production I took part in, every award I got, every important client I worked for… Luckily, growing up I lost that urge and I learned the beauty of synthesis and the fine art of perspective. Today, I feel like saying to the world "I am a documentary wedding photographer" is in itself a bold statement, rich in meaning and history. My heart desires simple things: to be happy and keep growing wiser and stronger with my son Lorenzo and to keep telling stories the only way I know how, with great enthusiasm channeled through the one thing I truly, deeply, always loved: photography. Photography was my first real job. Afterwards, I took alternative paths and tried different things: I wrote and published books, I wrote for theater, music and for the great stages of Cinema. For a few years I found myself directing movies (for RAI, Cecchi Gori etc…) but in the end, for me, it was always photography – my first love. A passion had risen inside of me for everything that was true, authentic, both touching and ironic. Even though I often work in different fields of photography, what I love the most is to photograph weddings, moments in which I do my best to become this thorough, invisible and refined storyteller with a special eye for the true meaning of things, love and life.

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Wedding Photography Packages

My offer consists of:
A) the presence of two photographers without time limits;
B) delivery (on USB key or through WeTransfer) in high resolution of the edited pictures.


Why do you have an assistant? Is it really necessary to have two people at the photoshoot?
In my opinion, yes. Not only because two photographers give unquestionably two different points of view, but also to offer customers the highest overall guarantee.

How many pictures will you be delivering?
Any number between 500 and 1000. You won’t hear the camera clicking away persistently. I usually observe first, and then take a photo when the time is right. The numbers don’t really matter to me, the important thing is how I was able to capture moments and tell the story of the day.

How long after the wedding are the pictures delivered?
That depends on how long the couple is staying in Florence. Even in the most tight time frames, we try to deliver pictures personally to the couple before they leave Florence. Otherwise, other arrangements such as express courier will be agreed with the couple.

Where do you work?
Mainly in Florence, but I love working everywhere!

How far in advance should I contact you?
Unfortunately (or fortunately) there isn’t a precise rule. Better late than never!

Can the wedding video also be included in the offer?
I don’t provide wedding videos, but I usually cooperate with some professional filmmakers whom I’ve known for several years. Also because it is very important that the photographer is familiar with the filmaker with whom he will work.