Donatella Barbera

Tuscany and Florence are home to Donatella Barbera when she is photographing weddings
Donatella Barbera
2800+ (EUR)

Even as I child I was fascinated by photography but it was not until 2011 that I decided to let it fully enter my life.
That year, as well as making my passion a profession, I married Damiano, companion in life and in photography.
We moved to London for a while to further our technique and “open our minds” to more dynamic photography. The “streets” of London fascinated us and the “reportage style” of photography catapulted us into a world made of spontaneity and emotions.
We literally fell in love with it!
Later we returned to Italy, to our Certaldo, a small medieval town in the Chianti hills of Tuscany, and we opened our photographic studio.

Today I’m a professional photographer specialising in weddings.
I chose wedding photography because it fascinates me to tell the story of love by photographing emotions.
I love naturalness and spontaneity and always look to capture emotions by becoming excited myself.

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