Portrait of Fiji wedding photographer Rob Rickman
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Rob Rickman


Rob started down the path of graphic design fresh out of high school in ’92 when his Dad asked him to ‘improve’ an advert that an agency had created.

Shortly after, he formed his own company, and never looked back. Schooled in Management and Economics, and having had no formal training in design or photography, Rob has nonetheless managed to prove himself in both fields with his natural artistic ability and enthusiasm.

With 25 years in the graphic design industry under his belt, Rob still challenges himself to hone his skills in design, while immersing himself in the art of photography.

Rob is one of Fiji’s most experienced local photographers with almost 2 decades of experience as a Professional Photographer in the genres of Landscape, Travel, Resort, Commercial, and Portraiture. Much of his knowledge in photography was picked up during his time as a Loose Coconut. With Peter Henning and Glen Craig, he co-founded Three Loose Coconuts; an Australian based publishing and photography company. Together they produced over 20 photographic books in Fiji, Australia and Germany.

A lover of travel, Rob is still officially based in Fiji, the country of his birth, where he lives in Vuda with his wife, and four children.