Balearic Islands based wedding photographer - Aimee Helen Haak
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Aimee Helen Haak

Aimee K Photography

I was a country girl who grew up surrounded by the green and tall nature of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Longing to know the greater world and what it meant to live a 'city life' I began a modeling career at the age of 17 that took me through Europe and Asia. My time in front of the camera sparked a large appreciation for the people behind the camera. Each photographer seemed to mold and shape their vision of me through the lens and their sense of self-inspiration to create seemed to draw on something inward and yet while collaborating with teams - stylist, make-up artists, production companies and so on. The world of photography left an imprint of magic upon me!

Considering my photography style and approach, I can see how the fashion world influenced my work. There is a strong sense of portraiture and fashion even within the documentary approach. My work is mostly light and colourful - as I'm based in Mallorca, Spain I want my work to reflect the colour and ambience of the natural environment here. The lush greens, blues of the sky and ocean and the tan colour of the old fincas. Think vineyards and olive trees.

This is my 3rd season of wedding photography and I'm happy to say that last year (2016) I had shot 45 weddings. I was fortunate to be selected to attend a workshop with Franck Boutonnet through Eyes in Progress in April of 2016. This 5 day workshop went deep with Franck both philosophically and on a practical level. My final project, website and social media pages were reviewed by Corine Hamel, editor for Marie Claire Paris and her insight reinforced my photography efforts and inspired a confidence in me that I had perhaps previously lacked.

My goal as a photographer is to tell the story - to show the what, who and the why. To create beautiful images while embracing the reality. It's never easy and is greatly challenging but always interesting. The most important aspect of my work is connecting and keeping it real. As a wedding photojournalist, I want to disappear behind the lens but when the lens is down my goal is to create meaningful experience for myself and anyone I come into contact with during a wedding.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography