Amanda Gril is a Wedding Photographer for Balearic Islands and Ibiza couples in Spain
1200+ (EUR)

Amanda Gril


I am based in Ibiza but grow up in a lovely Slovenia.
If I have to choose between sea or forest, I always go for forest.
Fresh mint between my fingers, smiles to a stranger, jazz, good conversations, I grow my own food.
Beauty - I see it everywhere.
Impermanence - nothing exist for indefinitely long, that’s why I try to catch this kiss, that look, those smiles on photos, ‘forever’.
Charm of imperfection - Yes, please!
Self driven every day, because Life is such a gift!
I just came from Belgrade, where I was invited to have my solo exhibition on portraits - I completely recommend this city, it's awesome!
You are beautiful.

1 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Amanda Gril.

Married: 2 years ago

Pam & Jorrit

We were so happy with you as our wedding photographer last week at our wedding in Ibiza. BEAUTIFUL pictures made with a special eye and attention for people and environment. We will absolutely recommend you to our friends and people we know for their wedding photos!! One more time: THANK YOU VERY DUTCH!