Daniel Lopez Martin serves Spain and A Coruña with his wedding photography
1000+ (EUR)

Daniel Lopez Martin

Dani López was born in La Coruña, Spain in 1987.

He learned photography with his father, Luis Plácido (www.luisplacido.com) who is a great photographer of the old school. His father was the one who transmitted him taste in documentary photography and who taught him classical photography.

In 2006, he starts working on a studio in La Coruña where he did all kinds of photography: wedding, commercial and fashion among others. This is the way he learned about modern photography. In 2011, he becomes a freelance.

Because of the beautiful photographs that his father made him throughout his life, he developed a line of work in which he offers his customers a natural result, based on the seek of real beauty. This is how Dani creates beautiful and poetic photographs.

He is currently the co-founder of a creative studio www.ledicia.org and combines it with his profession of wedding photographer.