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Wedding Photographers of Balearic Islands, España

Calvià, Eivissa Vila

Para una fotografía de primer nivel en el día de la boda en Balearic Islands, usted necesitará un fotoperiodista de bodas que capture bellas e ingeniosas imágenes que reflejen emociones y momentos genuinos, en lugar de poses o situaciones artificiales o actuadas. También necesitará un fotógrafo profesional que pueda hacer que su familia y sus invitados se sientan a gusto. Conozca a los confiables y prestigiosos miembros de la WPJA de Balearic Islands, quienes cuentan con la adecuada preparación y experiencia.

3 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

Balearic Islands based wedding photographer - Aimee Helen Haak

I was a country girl who grew up surrounded by the green and tall nature of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Longing to know the greater world and what it meant to live a 'city life' I began a modeling career at the age of 17 that took me...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Amanda Gril is a Wedding Photographer for Balearic Islands and Ibiza couples in Spain

I am based in Ibiza but grow up in a lovely Slovenia. If I have to choose between sea or forest, I always go for forest. Fresh mint between my fingers, smiles to a stranger, jazz, good conversations, I grow my own food. Beauty - I see it everywhere...

Starting Price:
1200 (EUR)
Sergio Cueto - Wedding Photographer in Spain

I studied Audiovisual Communication at University, hoping to become a film director…but ended up working as a TV news cameraman. I really enjoyed being in the eye of the storm, capturing pictures for the news that people would later see in their houses...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)

Wedding Photojournalists from Balearic Islands

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Client Letters

Winifred & Edmund

Photographed by Sergio Cueto

Edmund and me are eternally thankful for all your outstanding works! We are not professional model, and even a bit shy with camera,...

Pam & Jorrit

Photographed by Amanda Gril

We were so happy with you as our wedding photographer last week at our wedding in Ibiza. BEAUTIFUL pictures made with a special eye...

Jennifer & Ivan

Photographed by Sergio Cueto

Sergio, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You made our entire wedding experience unforgettable. Of course we...