Sergio Bruno

Thanks to an innate passion for photography and then following the achievement of anAdvanced Master of Photography of Performances at the European Institute of Design (IED),in 2009 I decided to be involved and undertake this profession. I continued my training by attending workshops and courses where I had the possibility to encounter different photographs of international fame in different areas.
In 2012 I obtained the QIP certificate ( Qualified Italian Photographer) and QEP (Qualified European Photographer).
Together with taking part in various photographic contests, every year I comntinue my training by attending new training courses in various aspects of photography. In this was I encounter the desire to always improve, to compare and to test myself.
I'm based in Piedmonte but work throughout Italy and in foreign locations

1 Award Winning Photos

The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Sergio Bruno. The following awards have been earned by Sergio Bruno from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.