Weddings by Alessandra  Diamanti Lombardy, Italy
1700+ (EUR)

Alessandra Diamanti


They say that when you're born you see the light, and that must be exactly what happend to me. Photography has been in my soul since I was born, for I have always been amazed by how things changed according to the light that lit them. In 1996 I I started taking pictures and I was immediately asked to shoot for other people. The day I realized that they would pay to be portrayed by me I started my business. It was 1998. Since then I've always kept on learning, shooting, getting inspired.
I love strong emotions so I find wedding very insipirational: I turn the bride and groom's emotions into light and shadow.
I've won several contests, national and international.
At the moment my business is giving me great satisfacion with more than 50 weddings in a year and even more requests.

5 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography