Lake Como wedding photography by Corrado Cascone -  Italian Lakes Region WPJA
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Corrado Cascone

Ray Clever Photographers

The Ray Clever photojournalism studio was born in 1998 from an idea by Corrado Cascone, who chose to interpret photographic art with the dedication and professionalism typical of high Italian craftsmanship.
Technical skill, imagination, creativity, professionalism, discretion, combined with attention to single detail make each photo shoot a unique and inimitable work, in private events as well as in institutional ones.
The photographers of the Ray Clever studio, specialized in shooting in perfect photojournalistic style but creative for the portraiture of the couple, document public and private events in Italy and abroad. Photographers accredited to events of international importance, they have been chosen among others by important multinationals and public figures, and by numerous private individuals who have embraced the Ray Clever style on their wedding day and on other special occasions.
Far from the logic of the market where art and passion are neglected by reducing photography to a mere commercial product, the studio photographers dedicate a large part of their commitment to research and experimentation, aimed at finding new solutions for innovative shooting techniques, post-production increasingly evolved, unique and customizable photo albums.