Wedding Photographer | Rares Ion
1500+ (EUR)

Rares Ion

When I chose my life's path, I turned my attention, passion and energy towards the kind of picture that blends the watchful eye of a photojournalist, spontaneous photography, poetry or insightful author. I see things that others do not see and photograph is the language I can speak best. By capturing images you build a whole collection marked by excitement, love and warmth that comes from the family who accompanies the bride and groom during a single day.

Management and communication experience have been a big help when in my photography career, without, at first, theoretical knowledge, technical or artistic. I took a gamble, and the results have been incredible. I took pictures at a wedding as a guest. Immediately I was recommended to other weddings, so I started investing in this talent. My family first inspired me, especially my son, who feels I am the best photographer in the world. I was transformed into a romantic artist.

I chose the wedding ceremony because it is a sublime moment of life. The way I feel composition, decoration and technical characteristics allow me to capture the live passion and sincere emotions. I make time to meet couples as well as their friends and family. I shoot with the best quality devices in the world of photojournalism.