France and Centre-Val de Loire are the areas covered by wedding photographer Luis Patarata
850+ (EUR)

Luis Patarata


I started the photo rather late at the age of 33. I was already attracted to the visual world. I started around 25 years doing some visuals for friends. Then with the birth of my first daughter came the purchase of a first SLR ... since he does not let me loose, he's constantly me.

I learned the picture self-taught. With all the tutorials on the internet it is easy enough to find happiness.
At first I did a lot of collaboration to train, it allowed me to put into practice these tutorials.

Then I specialized in portraiture and wedding report ...

Passionate photographer, I am at your disposal to develop, with you, your project according to your expectations. For me, each shot is a sweet mix between the person behind the lens and those in front.

Professionalism, joy and discretion are my key words for the realization of your wedding photos. I will listen to you to capture all the moments that you will have meticulously prepared and those which you did not expect.

For a professional rendering, trust me. I will accompany you discreetly on your day to offer you a personalized and natural rendering to better reflect the unique moments of your day.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography