Cancun wedding photography by Gisselle Gonzalez, for Quintana Roo, Mexico
1500+ (USD)

Gisselle Gonzalez

Gisselle Wedding Photography

I am a Graphic designer, Photographer, Mom of 2 kids and Wife , that have found in the photography a different way to see life, to enjoy it and to passionate for it!!

I was in college when I get involve with my first Black and white photography lessons, dark room, and all developing process.
I have a nice present from my uncle it was an old camera and i immediately start using it. When my photography teacher suggest me to enter to a contest in Mexico city, I have no doubt I have to give a chance to it ! and it works ! I was featured and have my photo print in the most important avenue in Mexico city, from that moment on I knew this was i wanted to do my entire life. My first shoot was my photographer teacher pregnancy, after that I start working in a photo studio at a Resort in Cancun as time passes in practicing I realize I was shooting from 50 to 80 photo session a month 10-12 weddings and this goes on for the following 4 years, I was in charge of a Resort, but somehow this was still the same and start getting bored for me so I participated into a worldwide workshop and listen to the stories of international photographers and they seem to me they were very happy people working for a dream and not working for a salary that i decided to quit at my work and start everything by my own ! It was a hard work day and night but finally we are still working improving, learning and also teaching, that say, now I am so proud of all achieve.
I have been honored to meet awesome couples and be part of true love stories, 160 weddings all over this past years, more than 400 photo sessions and photography will be forever my biggest passion !

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography