Worcestershire wedding reportage photography by Tom Beynon, of West Midlands, England
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Tom Beynon

Tom Beynon Photography

Hello there. I’m Tom, a documentary wedding photographer from Birmingham in the West Midlands. I'm not a Brummie tho, I was born in Cardiff and lived in South Wales until I was 7, in Wiltshire until I was 16 and in Bedfordshire until I was 33. My dad's side of my family are Welsh farmers and my mum's side are from Hertfordshire so I'm a bit of a southern mongrel.

I took up photography while travelling in New Zealand a few years ago and have been working as a wedding photographer since 2016, covering weddings across the West Midlands, London and from Kent to The Lake District. Away from photography, my hobbies include playing the guitar & drums, listening to a lot of classic rock and pretty much any music from my teenage years in the 1990's. I'm rather addicted to The Simpsons (classic seasons only, mind you) and don't function in the morning until I've downed a coffee. I'm a bit of night owl, most of my editing is done between 10pm to 2am.

I love to travel. I've been across South East Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand and spent three months driving from coast to coast in the USA.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits