Burgas elopement and wedding reportage photography by Violeta Pefticheva of Bulgaria
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Violeta Pefticheva


Violeta Pefticheva was born in Burgas. Through her music education, she was inspired and decided to dedicate her life to a creative profession. According to her, her art makes people better, happier and always smiling, creates memories for a lifetime.

About her work, the photographer says: “The real pleasure is to see the happiness on people's faces when they see themselves differently from the way they are used to seeing each other. Very often my clients say that they are not photogenic. This is one of the most common clichés in my work. At first, I was worried and tried to explain to them that there are no ugly people, there are incompetent photographers. Now I do my best to predispose them, to relax and forget that there is a camera in front of them."

The photographer's schedule is always full. From the side, a shooting day, a photoshoot, is something very interesting, sometimes romantic, maybe glamorous. But the reality is not like that. Especially when the photographer wants to capture the real emotions of the people in front of her lens. Then she takes on the role of a psychologist because she must first see the person inside. You have to feel his soul. That's why when we look at her photos, we really see that she is a photographer of real stories, a photographer of real emotions, "a photographer of happy moments in life!"

2 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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Violeta Pefticheva chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Violeta Pefticheva.