Bourgogne-Franche-Comté wedding photographer Seb Geo
1400+ (EUR)

Seb Geo

I already was a pro since the nineties, travelling many countries, when a friend of mine asked me : "Hey Seb, as you are a photographer, would you like to come to our wedding with your Leica ?" So started my first wedding coverage...

From 2008, I decided to specialise my work in wedding photography through a photojournalism style.
Storytelling mixed with an aesthetic research, all aimed in documenting the brides' unforgetable day.

Just like when I'm reporting, there is a unique and dire story happening in front of me, I'll go and catch the precious testimony as best as possible so it can be transmitted to other people with the same feelings.

As quiet as possible, I'll put all my skills into catching the magic of a glance, the gift of a fleeting light, the grace of a sweet gesture. So that the emotions remain.

The best subject I ever covered ? My family, definitely. There is not a single week when I'm not taking pictures of my kids, at home, out in the countryside. Moments and expressions that will never happen again are so precious.
Puting on photo paper laughters and games at their climax, what a challenge for me !

When I work as a documentary photographer, I am dealing with social issues on a national ground (France) and with humanitarian stories within countries in crisis or war. Such as Pakistan, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine,...
I lived for quite some time in Asia and I keep going there over and over again.
My reports were published in the press and for international NGOs.
I had quite some exhibitions, too. All printed in the darkroom by myself.