France wedding photographer Thierry Jousseaume of Gironde
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Amélie Jousseaume
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Thierry Jousseaume

Thierry Jousseaume Photographies

Receiving my first camera at the age of 7 was a revelation.
Most of my childhood and teenage free time has then been devoted to tame my cameras, use them with a different way to look at things around me, dream of wandering around the world to search for images…
A true passion that flows in my veins since then, something magical about freezing a moment making me happy.
I have learnt all in the field, here and at the other end of the world, being in contact with people… Sharpening my technique over the course of time it became a refex allowing to forget it from life so I can concentrate on the essential: the image.
Through my photo-reportages around the world I wanted to bring back authenticity from elsewhere, catch live eye expression of people who crossed my way, places, atmosphere, and allow discovering a little of their existence
Presenting those trips is always enriching and it is through exhibitions that I have had the chance to share my meetings.
One day, 10 years ago, I have been invited to a friend’s wedding and made a few shoots without any expectation.
I discovered that the family event was an opportunity to express my creativity, to play with light, to immortalize emotions: all improvises in front of you , furtive instants as solemn moments.
This experience has traced an unexpected way for me and has been the start of a beautiful professional adventure.
I produce an average of 20 weddings a year and each of them is a beautiful meeting…
Immersing myself in your universe, discovering your sensitivity your taste and expectations, I will be honored to have the chance to tell your story.