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Mauro Santoro

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I remember vividly the attraction I always had for cameras. When I was a child I used to steal my father’s Ricoh 35 ZF, just to play with it. The metal and the leather under my fingers, the sounds, the smell, all was so charming.
Somewhere down the road I forgot these feelings and I started loving cinema, so I became a filmmaker. But deep inside me that attraction for photography was laying, waiting to wake up again.
In 2015 it struck me unexpectedly, like a love affair.
My viewfinder is now the peephole to a more interesting world, full of stories made of single moments that I can't wait to know.
Like your wedding, two main characters, one true story to tell genuinely and honestly, without fiction.
Authentic memories of the day of your life, that's all that matters.
I won a Bronze Award at the Moscow International Foto Awards, two honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photography Paris, I’m currently selected on Photo Vogue, my photographic journey has just begun.

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

1 'At Work' Photos

The following photos are of Mauro Santoro at work.